Pioneer in Agriculture Drone
Agribot Krishi Drone is India’s 1st Type Certified Agriculture Drone approved by DGCA. It is a multipurpose drone for agriculture with multiple payloads like Spraying, Broadcasting and Crop Health monitoring. It is the most Advanced & Safest agri-drone with smart features like Radar Based Collision Detection and Avoidance, Terrain Following and Smart Battery Failsafe.

India’s 1st DGCA Type Certified

Agribot UAV


Hexacopter drone technology

Transforming the potential of drone technology in agriculture

Leveraging hexacopter drone technology, Krishi Drone is revolutionizing agriculture with UAV drone applications. Unleashing the full potential of precision farming, it promises enhanced crop yield, reduced costs, and sustainable agricultural practices.

Chemical Spraying for better Efficacy

Get better efficacy with agriculture spraying drone Agribot compared to conventional methods of spraying and Optimize agricultural efficiency with our cutting-edge crop spraying drone. Tailored for precision and effectiveness, our agriculture spraying drone ensures maximum coverage, minimizing costs while maximizing crop health. Explore the future of agri drone sprayers for unparalleled results.
Chemical Spraying for better Efficacy of IOTECH
Drones for Spraying Pesticides

Fertilizer Spraying Techniques

Revolutionize agriculture with our advanced fertilizer spraying drone. This agriculture UAV employs cutting-edge technology to enhance precision and efficiency in fertilizer application like usage of liquid Nano-urea, contributing to sustainable farming practices in India.

Benefits of Adopting Drone Technology in Agriculture

Unlock the potential of precision farming with our hexacopter drone for agriculture use. Embrace the myriad benefits of agricultural drones, enhancing efficiency, crop monitoring, and resource optimization. Join the agricultural revolution in India, where technology meets sustainability for a brighter, more productive future.
Chemical Spraying for better Efficacy of IOTECH

Challenges and Future of Agricultural Drones

Navigating the future of agriculture, challenges meet innovation with Kisan drones. As a leading agriculture drone company in India, we address the evolving landscape of agri-drones, enhancing precision, overcoming challenges, and ushering in a sustainable era for Indian farmers through cutting-edge UAV technology.


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