Heavybot is a customizeable drone for Logistics

About Heavybot

Heavybot is a customizable drone with a Coaxial octocopter, Hexacopter, Hybrid VTOL, and even a single rotor helicopter drone.

The primary function of Heavybot is Logistics, and it is designed to move goods. To use a Heavybot, a user has to follow the guidelines of DGCA or need special permission from the Government for a particular purpose.


BOX: To carry fragile Things.

HOOK: To pick and drop supplies and equipment.

EQUIPMENT: For testing and exploration.



Flight Time: 3 hours

Control: Multi-control point options

Power Source: Powered Battery or Genset

Weight: Up to 100Kg Payloads

Range: 50Km

Heavybot Useful For


Deliver all the goods to all the terrains. Heavybot can carry heavy weights up to 100kg in the 50 km range.


Move rations and other consumables to all locations with the easy and smooth functionality of Heavybot.


Help others and the needy by delivering and reaching them with Heavybot. It delivers medicines, food, etc.