DaaS Model

IOTech Avigation Pvt. Ltd. is emerging as a leading provider of the country’s most advanced and trusted OEM (original equipment manufacturer). With a mission to become the world’s largest drone manufacturing company, we extend DaaS (Drones as a Service) business opportunities. Being India’s first DGCA-approved center, we have become the pioneer in the agricultural drone sector.

Why should you consider us?

Our management team comprises the most refined and highly educated professionals from IITs and other renowned universities. They have rich experience working in business and technology sectors across the world. With this knowledge and qualitative outlook, we aim to escalate the growth of aerial robotics. 

Our drones have been approved by the significant regulatory body of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Ministry of Civil Aviation. This provision adds to our credibility.

The agriculture-based bots devised by our experts have been named India’s first government-approved agricultural drones. The specifications of our drones excel in all relevant domains to offer an otherworldly agricultural support system.

We understand the need for growth in farming businesses as a crucial development aspect. Considering this perspective, we have fostered a B2B (business-to-business) association with all our clients.

The specialty of our drones is in their multifaceted versatility. Our 3-in-1 defining properties of spraying, broadcasting, and crop health monitoring offer budget-friendly agricultural support.

Our job doesn’t just end with supplying you with drones. We have a dedicated after-sales support team to help you through any issues you may face. You can find our service centers in over 10 Indian states.

We are focused on offering proficient professional upskilling for farmers by providing pilot training. Our all-around assistance with helping clients get pilot license certification makes us a reliable and one-stop choice.


Our Highlights

Being among the first government-certified drone providers, we work diligently to meet client expectations. Over the years, we have bagged numerous accomplishments for our work. 

Due to our countrywide access, we have collected a trusted database of farmers. We boost the networking of professionals across the country. Our MDO/SDO team works dedicatedly to generate demands to contribute to the growth of DaaS.

We are proud recipients of business opportunities amounting to Rs. 75 lakhs from Syngenta, a prominent agricultural science and technology provider. This partnership also helps us explore B2C (business-to-client) options.

Syngenta’s Cropwiser Grower App collaborates with us to offer accessible connectivity and business generation. We walk hand-in-hand with modern-day advanced practices to provide maximum convenience and outreach.

We also extend provisions for 3-year MOUs to establish long-term establishments for interested professionals. You can also find demand availability/generation on defined clusters.