Buy a Drone

Farmers/service providers can place order for purchasing drones directly from IoTech

Pesticide Spraying

Farmers can hire pesticide spraying service from service providers on a pay-per-use model

Field Mapping

Farmers can get field mapping done from service provider on a pay-per-use model, to ascertain the precise size of the land parcel empowering farmer to execute science-based crop planning

Crop Health Monitoring

Enabling farmers to monitor crop health on pay-per-use model using multi spectral cameras to identify crop deficiencies / pest attack

Buy Insurance

Enabling drone customers to renew their respective insurances directly via Agrinet

Training & Consultation

Agrinet based training and consultation to be provided to farmers

Agrinet App

There is no denying the fact that technological advancements have sped up the processes of life. People from all walks of life seek quick, precise, and efficient results at their fingertips. Regarding agricultural practices, the concerned professionals seek accurate inputs quickly. IOTech has fashioned a mobile application to incorporate technological advances into agricultural practices to speed up these processes. Introducing the Agrinet app- a blend of DaaS (drone as a service) and SaaS (software as a service) to provide drone services and customer support! 

Our application is a one-stop solution to offer efficient and tech-based responses to every agricultural practitioner’s drone needs. With this app, we attempt to tightknit the country’s farming fraternity through digital modes. We adhere to a strict regime of maintaining professionalism through our high-end tech facilities.


Agrinet is compatible with Android and iOS devices to offer vast user-friendliness. We have a simple user interface that allows easy understanding and navigation. After following a simple registration procedure, you can unlock a variety of assistance services. 

  • Hiring a drone: You can connect with other buyers via our app to place an order or directly buy a drone from IOTech.
  • Training and consultation: You can avail yourself of our expert-curated training programs and guidance structures to maximize your drone’s efficiency.
  • Insurance:
    • Safeguard the well-being of your drone by getting it insured directly by our experts. 
  • Field mapping: Access the most refined field-mapping services at a pay-per-use model. Get a precisely optimum estimate of your land quality to have a result-yielding crop planning.
  • Pesticide spraying: Keep your crops safe and hygienic by hiring a drone-powered pesticide spraying procedure for your farm. Our providers charge the services on a pay-per-use model.
  • Crop health monitoring: Keep up with the defining qualities of your yield by opting for regular monitoring services from our expert providers.
  • Drone database: Access all the information you need about our drone networks through our carefully curated database. 

We aim to help farmers get the right worth of their money by providing effective services. Our end-to-end solutions are aimed at helping practitioners expand business.


Our vision is to foster a community that incorporates the use of drones in daily agricultural practices. With the countrywide availability of this app, we take another step closer to inculcating a tech-friendly agricultural domain. Our service systems ensure delivery of the best quality agriculture practices within budget at the ease of client’s preferences.