Bike and Backpack Model

India is witnessing rapid rates of globalisation. This progress has blurred the distinction between rural and urban areas. However, there are still some sectors and areas aloof to the growth. A concrete example of these differences can be in the quality of farming. Numerous technological inventions, such as agri-based drones, have changed the game for farmers. However, small-scale farmers haven’t yet caught up to these methods. Regardless of the reasons for this gap, there is a need to diminish this gap effectively. 

IOTech has launched bike and backpack models of their world-renowned agricultural drones to curb the distances. We are the industry’s first and only providers of bike and backpack models, making access to drone facilities possible even in the remotest areas! Geographical bounds don’t limit our vision to integrate technological advancements into farming practices. We overcome any barrier or obstacle with a proficient and practical outlook. 

What makes our portable models special?

As industry pioneers, we are responsible for setting a leading example for an ideal standard of farming equipment. Hence, our experts have carefully designed the course for portable agricultural products. The standout features of our products are:

Ease of transportation:

Since bikes and backpacks are comparatively convenient, they are easier to navigate. You can choose the backpack model, even if you do not own a bike.

Increased profitability: 

By saving on the costs of transport, equipment management, and drone maintenance, there is a boost in your overall profits.

Reduced transportation costs:

Since you do not have to hire a third party to deliver your equipment, you save on the time and money involved in transportation.

IOTech aims to simplify access to modern-day agricultural equipment, even in the remotest areas. Entrust our bike and backpack models to offer the prime benefits of advanced farming technologies without compromising quality!  

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