Best Drones for Farmers in India

Best Drones for Farmers in India

As we know, India is an agrarian economy, where the agriculture sector remains the primary source of income for most rural households. In the future, drones are expected to be used in small and large farms, fulfilling various purposes from sowing seeds to detecting pesticides. The data gathered by these drones on farms is commonly used to make agronomic decisions, creating space for ‘precision farming.’ Explore this blog post to learn about the best drone for farmers, the types of drones used in farming, UAV use in agriculture, and much more. 

Drones and the Indian Agriculture Industry

Over the years, India’s economy has relied a lot on agricultural produce. This has eventually led to a considerable transportation of various goods and services. Despite the rapid increase in the farming sector, it is still slightly behind in technological progress. In most cases, crop failures caused by adverse weather conditions and uncontrolled pest situations have largely contributed to this situation. For ages, Indian farmers depend on monsoon rains for irrigation and use traditional methods for other farming practices. Therefore, the quality and quantity of agricultural produce are sometimes compromised despite their best efforts. Fortunately, there is hope! With the introduction of precision farming and drone technology, UAV use in agriculture has increased. A farming drone is an ideal alternative to traditional farming methods. Yes, the rise of agri-drones can help all farmers to a great extent.

Different Types of Drones Used in Farming

Now, that you know about the uses and benefits of a farming drone, let us discuss the types of drones used in farming. A drone for agricultural purpose comes in various forms, each categorised to a specific agricultural process. Some of the types of drones used in farming include:
  • Fixed-Wing Drones

As the name states, these types of drones have fixed wings and their use is limited compared to multi-rotatory drones. But, a fixed-wing drone is an ideal choice for large-scale fields. These drones not only cover the entire area at once but also survey vast sizes of farmland. They have a longer flight time compared to multi-rotatory drones, enabling them to conduct extensive mapping. With their aeromechanics, they can easily handle high winds and work consistently even in adverse weather conditions.  
  • Multi-Rotatary Drone

Multirotor drones are called hexacopters because they have six multi-rotatory wings. These drones usually have short flight times but they excel in versatility. Due to their multi-rotary wings, they can easily change angles and even run at lower heights. The best part about these drones is they are more easily operated than fixed-wing drones, allowing farmers to use them on a daily basis. 
  • Verticle or Landing Drones 

A combined formation of fixed-wing and multi-rotatory drones are vertical or landing drones (VTOL). They include the features of multi-rotatory and fixed-wing drones, making them a perfect choice for vertically taking off and covering long distances. This outstanding feature makes them flexible in nature. The only drawback of VTOL drones is they are sometimes complex to operate. Also, their advanced abilities make them expensive for small farmers or budget-conscious growers. 

Best IOTECH Drones for Farmers in India

We, at IOTECH Drones, are India’s leading and best drone companies that deals in building drone ecosystems by innovative and customer-friendly manufacturing drones worldwide. Here are some of our best drones for farmers to help them succeed in their farming practices. Have a look at them further.
  • IOTECH Agribot Drone

IOTECH Agribot Drone IOTECH’s Agribot drone is India’s first agriculture drone approved and certified by DGCA. It is a multi-rotary farming drone used for spraying, broadcasting, and assessing the status and health of soil and crops. Our Agribot is the most advanced and consumer-friendly drone with smart features such as excellent battery life, live video streaming, safety modes, a flying range of up to 2km, and automatic resume. Some of the benefits of Agribot include: 
  • Quick spraying
  • Safety Modes
  • Water Consumption
  • Easy Affordability
  • Bio-efficient
  • IOTECH Agribot A6 Drone

IOTECH Agribot Drone Yet another presentation by IOTECH is Agribot A6 drones. These drones are best used for spraying as they can cover 1 acre of ground area in just 7 minutes, allowing 25-30 acres of spraying in a day. Some essential key features of this drone include:
  • Hexacopter structure
  • Smart battery life
  • 4G connectivity
  • Live video feature
  • RADAR based Collision Avoidance and Terrain Following
  • Good height 
  • IOTECH Agribot MX Drone

IOTECH Agribot MX Drone Agribot MX Drone is another invention by IOTECHWORLD and this drone is certified by DGCA. Regarding structure, it is a hexacopter, which means it has 6 wings, enabling advanced flight modes. Its foldable design makes it easy to carry and transport from one place to another. It helps the farmers monitor it through an online dashboard. Also, its quick spray techniques and outstanding battery life make it stand out. The following are some key features of this drone:
  • Quick spray capability 
  • Best battery life
  • Safety modes
  • Financial assistance
  • 2 in 1 agri-drone
  • RADAR based Collision Avoidance and Terrain Following 
  • IOTECH Drishti Drone

IOTECH Drishti Drone Our newly launched Drishti drone is your vision over the land from the sky. This drone is a lightweight quadcopter and can benefit farmers in many ways such as aerial surveys, HD video transmission, crop spying, and field mapping. Drishti is a multipurpose drone used in defence, agriculture, and aerial surveys. Some of the key features of this drone are:
  • Multispectral sensor
  • Flight time of up to 45 minutes
  • High-lumens LED lights
  • Speaker with remote mic
  • Thermal Cameras
  • IOTECH Heavybot Drone

IOTECH Heavybot Drone Heavybot drone is a customisable drone with a cylindrical octocopter, Hexacopter, combined VTOL, and even a single-rotor helicopter. Primarily, this drone is used in transporting goods from one place to another. Some of the key features of this drone are as follows:
  • Good flight time of 3 hours
  • Multi-rotary 
  • Powerful battery life
  • Weight up to 100Kg payloads
  • Excellent Logistics
  • IOTECH Surbeybot Drone

IOTECH Surbeybot Drone Surveybot drone is our best drone for surveying from the aerial landscape. This drone is functional for aerial surveys and maintains field outlook because it is installed with sensors and other data collection modes. Also, it offers imagery and videos in high definition and great HD resolution, enabling accurate and clear results. Some of the key features of this drone include:
  • 16 channel sensor
  • 360-degree high-speed scanning
  • Flight time of up to 3 hours
  • Powerful battery life
  • Collects images and videos in HD resolution 

How is a Farming Drone Beneficial?

After a recent survey, it is expected that the drone market within farming will grow by 35% by 2025 worldwide. The UAV use in agriculture is here to stay! The utilisation helps in achieving not only time management but also cost-effectiveness. The use of drones is only anticipated to grow in the near future. So, you need to understand the importance or benefits of drone technology. Following are some reasons stating the benefits of using a farming drone:
  • Evaluating Soil and Field

For effective field planning, a farming drone can be used for soil and field evaluation. Their sensor installation and invisible cameras help them carefully determine the moisture content in the air, soil erosion, nutrient content, and field conditions. 
  • Broadcasting Seeds

Remarkably, a farming drone can even broadcast seeds for plantations, preventing labour costs and contributing to time management. With the help of drones, manual labour eliminates direct contact with infections and pest attacks. 
  • Managing Livestock

Certainly, the impact of drones on precision agriculture is incredible! Drones can be beneficial in assessing and managing huge quantities of livestock with their invisible cameras and multisensors.  Also Know:

Conclusion: Future of Agricultural Drone Technology

It is no surprise that the future of agricultural drone technology is promising. The innovative developments are expected to be reshaped in the near future. While drones have accepted high technology, you can see significant improvements in the agricultural sector in the coming years. Whether farmers want to observe the pasture land, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones offer stability and productivity. Contact IOTECH Drones, as we are one of the best drone companies in India, and decide on the best farming drone price today. Give a new life to your farming practices through superior drone technology. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Drones For Farming

A: A drone in agriculture is called a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), which comes with various sensors, invisible cameras, and other data collection tools. They are primarily used in spraying pesticides, nano urea on crops, and detecting harmful infections and pest attacks.

A: On average, a drone can cover hundreds of acres of distance.

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