Modern Agricultural Practices Methods For Better Farming

Modern Agricultural Practices are a step forward for better Farming

Agriculture is fulfilling the basic and luxurious needs of a human being. They grow vegetation and provide us with access to food items. From potatoes to mushrooms, every edible item is grown through agricultural practices. More than 50% of the population is involved in agriculture in India. Being the highest GDP contributor makes India proud of Agriculture.

10 Popular Modern Farming Methods

  • Agricultural Practices

Today agriculture is not a practice to fulfill the nation’s hunger but for export practices. To accomplish this increasing time demand, Agriculture has accepted different agricultural practices.

  • Primitive Farming

It is the traditional farming practice where farmers are dependent on conventional equipment like Hoe, digging sticks, etc., for cultivation. Farmers are practicing this on small farming lands while depending on the natural resources.

  • Subsistence Farming

It is not possible to continue with primitive farming methods on significant lands. More giant lands require extensive scale resources and chemicals to keep the fertility of the soil. It also requires more fertilizers and irrigation facilities to reach all the crops.

  • Commercial Farming

Many farmers today are practicing agriculture only for commercial purposes. Today small and big farmers sign contracts with distributors, agencies, and companies to sell whatever they grow for the market at a reasonable price. In India, cotton, jute, etc., are grown only for commercial purposes. It uses Technology to fulfill the required goal in less time.

  • Plantation Farming

It is based on both plantation and Technology to grow large crops on a large scale. It mainly produces the same type of crops on a large scale with technologically advanced equipment.

  • Modern Farming Methods

Adopting a modern environment is better if it takes you to a better result within less time and with fewer resources. It is what modern farming methods do. Innovation is the key to development and growth, and when it enters Farming, it creates great opportunities for everyone. Thanks to modern farming methods, today, the farmers produce more in less time and with less available resources.

  • Aeroponics System

It is the modern farming method to grow crops in the air without soil as the solid medium for cultivation. This practice involves agriculture in the air. Here the roots are exposed to the air, and the canopy is top.

The roots are sprayed with mineral-rich water from time to time. Crops like Carrot, cauliflower, beetroot are grown in this mist or dry environment.

  • Aquaponics

It works on the symbiotic relationship between aquaculture and agriculture. In Aquaponics, Plants, and fishes are grown together in a mutual environment. In a closed-loop system, the roots are exposed to water where fishes live. The fishes eat the water minerals and excrete the waste, which further behaves as the nutrients and manure for the plants.

It reuses the waste and uses it for more plant growth. It grows like tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, etc.

  • Hydroponics

With less soil and mineral-rich water, it reduces water solutions for the growth of crops. This solution continuously runs through the crops. It is good to grow Cherry, strawberry, Spinach, etc.

Other modern farming methods, too, involve technological advancements and scientific research to induce a rich farming system with more profit and fewer resources.

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  • Agricultural Drones

Agricultural Drones are the innovation of science and Technology that brought farmers delight and easy Farming. With an agriculture drone, you can smoothly induce the high-yielding seeds into your farmland and can water or spray pesticides and fertilizers with the same device.

Agricultural drones are based on the latest advancements in Technology and give farmers many services like:

  • Crop Health Monitoring
  • Vegetation Indices
  • Plant height
  • Plant scouting
  • Water needs
  • Soil analysis
  • Data collection
  • Granule broadcasting
  • Spray Pesticides, fertilizers, etc.
  • Produce photogrammetry

With the multi-tasking drones, Agri drones are increasing the efficiency of farmers and modern Farming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drone technology enhances farming through precision agriculture techniques. It aids in crop monitoring, spraying pesticides, assessing soil health, and optimizing irrigation by providing real-time data and aerial imaging.

The Agribot series stands out as a top choice for agriculture due to its specialized features tailored for farming needs. These drones offer efficient spraying mechanisms, advanced imaging capabilities, and seamless integration with agricultural management systems.

Agricultural drones benefit farmers by enabling precise crop management, reducing manual labor, optimizing resource use (like water and pesticides), enhancing yield, and providing timely insights for informed decision-making.

The future of drones in Indian agriculture is promising. Advancements in drone technology, coupled with increased affordability and accessibility, are expected to revolutionize farming practices. Drones will continue to play a pivotal role in optimizing farming operations, boosting productivity, and sustainability across diverse agricultural landscapes in India.

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