Agricultural drones becoming a better way of farming

Why are Agricultural drones becoming a better way of farming in India?

India is a developing country with agriculture as the primary source of income and resources. The nation has 28 states, and each is well known for its agriculture production. Whether it is wheat or rice, India and its agriculture are widely spread in the market at both national and international levels.

Farmers as the strength

More than 50% of India’s population is working in the Agriculture industry to feed the nation and themselves. Even with unlimited resources for agriculture, it varies with land and location. Plus, Farmers had all the experience but not the proper reach to use the resources beneficially.

It is right to call the farmers the strength of India, but with a lack of technological advancements and slow processing for a huge demand, they are becoming a weaker section of our nation. India is now adopting various technologies to reach the improvements of agriculture not only to big farmers but also to small farmers.

Agricultural drone

Agriculture drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle used mainly by organizations and the army for aerial surveys. Now India has drones to satisfy agricultural practices like irrigation, surveys, etc.
Agricultural drones are aerial vehicles that will fly and hover over your farmlands to ease your tasks.

Why choose agricultural drones?

The reasons are many, but understanding them will be easier with a list of benefits of agricultural drones.

  • Enhances Production

    Farming is all about plantation and production. Even a small land can produce more than the more extensive land. It enhanced production by saving the Farmer’s time and providing analytics of the land to the Farmer beforehand. Its spraying and surveying services help agriculture practitioners to do the time-consuming and challenging tasks in minutes.

  • Effective and adaptive technique

    Many technological advancements feel like a massive responsibility to the users, and it mostly is limited to a specific field or service. But, agricultural drones are easy to use, can adapt to all land areas, and are multi-proposal. It doesn’t use much manpower to work with an agricultural drone as it provides easy outcomes to stringent procedures.

  • Greater Safety to farmers

    Pesticides and chemicals used in farming are harmful to humans contact with. It is better to keep the chemicals safe and away from human touch as it can harm the human skin and, later, the body. Thus with Agricultural drones, you can easily spray pesticides and chemicals over your lands with a precise output and efficiency.

  • Faster data for quick decision making

    Agricultural drones are used for data collection and processing, and it gives you photogrammetry graphs and 3-D mappings of your analysis and logistics. It helps you have a quick look at your land with accurate data generated with sensors, increases your efficiency, and reduces your time making decisions.

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  • Less wastage of resources

    Resources are limited in one or another, like chemicals and pesticides. An Agricultural Drone produces data and helps the farmers analyze the need and requirements of their crops. Some agri drones can even calculate the specific amount of a chemical or pesticide required in the farmland, which saves them money and a farmer’s resources.

  • Useful for insurance claims

    In case of any damage to your land or crops, the Agri drones will quickly generate soft data for you, which can be used as evidence in front of the insurance company. With this technologically correct digital evidence, you can claim the insurance.

  • Accuracy rate

    Agricultural drones produce data with 99% accuracy, which means no or minor fault. It doesn’t only help farmers learn the need of their crops and farmland and saves them from playing guess games while sowing, irrigation, etc. As they get fundamental time analysis for real solutions.

    With so many benefits of Agricultural drones, there is no doubt that soon agri drones will cover all the farms with more advancements and functions.

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